Sunday, July 20, 2008


I picked up this book and VHS tape from e-bay (Tom Wolfe goes to the Dogs). Watching this guy carve dogs looks so relaxing, he makes it look easy! So, I had to buy some wood and try my hand at making my own hound!
As you can see, I carved two; One I pained and one I left with all the carving marks. I kind of like the plain one.
Now I'm going to have to look at all of my old books and the projects. I always thought they were too hard. After this experience, I think I'll give them a try.

I'm off to my next project. Take care!

I made this from a pattern from Judy Roberts and donated it to Relay for Life to auction off. It was a big hit. I'm thinking of doing one each year because it is a great cause!


Michelle Auer said...

I love the little hound dog faces. They are so cute!

loves to you!

rachie said...

these dogs are adorable! one year i saw a huge carved bear at a shop/restaurant i visited (called Granzella's - famous in Northern California) and decided then and there i was going to learn to whittle something from wood. i told my best friend, who was with me, that i'd be gifting some of my loved ones with the fruits of my labor.

what resulted was a few fist-sized pieces of wood with various chunks taken out, and lines here and there. it was definitely harder than i thought. i couldn't even begin to make something recognizable!!!

so, i can say from my limited experience that it is very difficult and i'm incredibly impressed with your handiwork!

rachie said...

oh, also...kudos on your donation to relay for life. great cause!

BLP said...
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BLP said...

You set up a you need to update it!